Brand & Proposition Development

Brand & Proposition Development

A retailer’s brand is its most valuable asset. Understanding how your brand is perceived by customers, staff and other stakeholders is often the key to unlocking improved business performance.

We will work with you to define what your brand stands for, to appraise what your customers think of you, and to pinpoint the customer-centric metrics you need to measure to ensure optimal performance.

Our unique approach to customer insight allows us to work with retailers and brands to review brand perceptions in the market and develop brand frameworks that help our clients develop a clear and strong brand across every single customer touchpoint.

Some questions that Pragma helps clients answer:

  • Pre-launch concept  testing and development, gauging market appeal and likely traction, price positioning, etc. – How successful are we likely to be and what do we need to do to maximise that success?
  • Pre- and Post Testing, for example, of a new store format – How do our customers rate the changes we have made and what difference has it made to our business (including less tangible aspects such as brand equity)?
  • Proposition optimisation, looking for ways to develop an existing proposition – How can we best adapt our current offer to best meet the needs of our highest value segments?
  • Developing specific aspects, e.g. customer service proposition development – How can we deliver differentiating customer service that sets us apart and keeps our customers coming back?

This will typically be undertaken in a co-creation process with management from a wide variety of functions and departments, and be supported by:

Analysis of the market and competitive landscape

Customer and consumer insight

In-depth interviews and workshops with internal and external stakeholders

Brand Framework

Brand & Proposition Development Case Studies

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