Operational Strategy

Operational Strategy

We work with management teams to design and deliver practical operational action plans for each function in the business to achieve the business’ strategy in a given time period. This is typically done post-acquisition or when a business is undergoing rapid change. Our experienced team of consultants will work with management to:

  • Develop a planning framework to be adopted by all stakeholders
  • Facilitate workshops with management teams to ensure buy-in to the process
  • Capture and evaluate quick wins and improvement ideas into detailed action plans
  • Identify responsibilities and accountabilities in the process
  • Set time frames, deadlines and internal service level agreements to ensure progress towards the objectives of the plan
  • Determine KPIs, objectives and governance for ongoing reporting of progress to management and Board level executives

We are experts at improving retailers’ operational performance. We understand that even a small increase in transaction value or margins can drive a big impact on a retailer’s bottom-line. Our expertise includes:

Store Operations & Effectiveness

Range Planning & Reviews

Product Mix / Strategy

Stock & Merchandising Planning

Critical Path Reviews

Store Staffing Model

Strategic & Operational Planning

Operational Strategy Case Studies

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