Customer Insight & Strategy

Customer Insight & Strategy

Understanding consumers is at the heart of everything we do at Pragma. Whatever the sector, customers are never a homogenous universe of like-minded spenders. A blinkered understanding of variation can result in missed opportunities to sell more to existing customers as well as to capitalise upon new, as yet untapped audiences.

Our approach to segmentation is based upon rigorous assessment of the addressable audience and actual customer base, to identify key groupings and to support businesses in development of customer strategy.

We achieve this through a combination of a deep knowledge of the business model, triangulated with qualitative and quantitative primary research, to provide relevant insight to key spend and behaviour traits. Where possible, the segmentation is overlaid on the customer database and trading data to accurately establish the relative value, and CRM effectiveness.

The benefits of clear and relevant segmentation include the ability to define priorities, and to apply the knowledge to all aspects of strategy, for example tailored marketing, in-store presentation, service and product ranging. Identifying the choice drivers and motivations of the highest value segments helps our clients to more effectively target, as well as drive increased visitation, sales and retention.

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