Channel Strategy

Channel Strategy

The retail world is changing rapidly, with consumers increasingly shopping across physical stores, catalogues, online, TV and mobile channels. In addition, rapid innovations in social and payment technologies continue to change the multi-channel landscape every day. Brands and retailers need to understand this evolution and ensure to be optimally set up to capitalise on these shifts.

For some retailers this may involve tweaking the channel proposition to better serve customer needs, for others more fundamental shifts in the business model may be required. Pragma’s approach to channel strategy is to assist our clients understand the interplay between all channels in order to take advantage of every opportunity. This might include:

  • Understanding consumer shopping behaviour and preferences across channels
  • Mapping cross-channel customer journeys
  • Performance analysis and benchmarking of physical retail presence across brand stores, franchise stores and wholesale accounts
  • Store estate optimisation and location planning
  • Analysis and optimisation of online and mobile stores
  • Strategy development for introduction of or migration to new channels

Multi-Channel Customer Journey Mapping

Evaluation of Multi-Channel Effectiveness

Store Estate Optimisation

Location Planning

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