Retail Masterplanning & Development

Retail Masterplanning & Development

To maximise travel commercial revenues, effective planning of the space is paramount. Pragma undertakes this through extensive scenario testing, culminating in defining the optimum layout and configuration of the space, whilst taking into account all operational and commercial needs of our clients.

Through our extensive knowledge of planning and working directly for airports, railway stations, cruise line operators, motorway service stations, retailers, duty free and food & beverage operators, our Airport and Travel Retail Consultants are in a unique position to size, locate and configure the commercial space to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Recognising the importance of the retail environment in maximising commercial revenues, we design spaces that suit specific commercial criteria, focusing on maximising the passenger / customer experience and providing a true sense of place, whilst ensuring optimisation of commercial revenue potential.

Retail Masterplanning

Brand Positioning

Space Supportable Modelling

Development of Commercial Strategies

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