Customer Insight & Market Analysis

Customer Insight & Market Analysis

Our Airport Retail Consultants research passenger and customer profiles, segments, needs and spending behaviour. We have over 15 years of proprietary knowledge of key passenger metrics and benchmark performance statistics. We can conduct both qualitative (one to one or focus group detailed research) and quantitative (large sample sizes with statistically robust results) research amongst passengers, users of commercial facilities, staff, visitors and local catchment populations. Our research informs customer segmentation, optimisation of the commercial offer and tenant mix, car parking strategies, concession planning, non-aviation revenue planning and customer satisfaction initiatives. Our research is often provided to retailers by landlords in order to ensure continual improvements. We have conducted face to face interviewing in over 20 airports and 20 railway stations, as well as for many retailers that are represented in travel environments, such as Alpha Retail.

Passenger / Customer Behaviour and Requirements Research

Passenger / Customer Satisfaction Studies

Passenger / Customer Segmentation Studies

Market Studies and Analysis of the Competitive Environment

Catchment Area Analysis

Brand Perception, Evaluation and Development

“Pragma provided us with a fantastic understanding of the airport in terms of passenger perceptions, key choice drivers and dynamics and we have incorporated their work into our business strategy.”

Group Commercial Director, Liverpool John Lennon Airport
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