Commercial Due Diligence & Bid Preparation

Commercial Due Diligence & Bid Preparation

Pragma combines two core skills – a detailed knowledge of airport and travel retailing, with an understanding of the needs of investors – to offer commercial due diligence advice across all areas of the airport and travel retail sector.

Retailing in airports and travel locations is different. The challenges to creating a successful and profitable model are not always the same as those faced in high street or downtown operations. Pragma intimately understands airport and travel retail environments and the key factors for both commercial success and optimal customer experience. We have undertaken commercial due diligence projects on both major travel infrastructure developments and specific retailer investment opportunities.

We assist potential investors understand the opportunity for the investment, by analysing the strength of the proposition, identifying the customer base, evaluating the quality of the commercial space, and forecasting the commercial revenue.

Whatever the travel arena – airports or train stations, motorway service stations or cruise ships – Pragma can advise investors of the opportunities and potential areas of risk, and provide critical insight for the bid preparation process. We have undertaken commercial due diligence on investments such as London Gatwick Airport, Belfast City Airport, World Duty Free, Bulgarian Airports, Muscat International Airport and other major travel retail companies.

Commercial and Market Review

Commercial Revenue Forecasting

Competitor Evaluation

Customer Behaviour and Segmentation

Financial Opportunity Identification and Modelling



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