Chris van Ryswyck

Director, Airports, Travel & Commercial Spaces

Chris van Ryswyck

Chris brings hands-on retail, analytics and nearly 8 years’ commercial experience at Gatwick Airport to Pragma’s Airports, Travel & Commercial Spaces team.

Chris helps our airport clients understand how to maximise their non-aeronautical revenues by looking at their passenger base and commercial space, in combination with business needs. Chris’s background helps him connect with the interplay between various airport departments, and, how commercial is often at the mercy of other areas of the airport environment.

Chris has led a number of Pragma’s flagship projects including our work on Vienna and Lima Airports.  He was recently a keynote speaker at Passenger Experience Conference 2016 in Hamburg.



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Our specialist Airports & Travel division is world leading and has completed passenger research and retail development projects in over 50 airports worldwide.

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We help property owners and investors optimise the commercial offer to suit their customers’ requirements.

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