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The outdoor space is particularly appealing to millennials. Their focus on health and wellness means they are looking for different ways to stay healthy and keep fit.
With 85% of Millennial consumers considering themselves “outdoorsy types”, the value of this segment within the outdoor space cannot be underestimated. Not only do they consider themselves more

Germany bound

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  • The German outdoor market is an interesting opportunity for UK brands.
    While it is the largest market in Europe with 26% overall share and boasts Europe’s highest spend per head on outdoor products, the sector is quite unlike the UK. It is dominated by large groups of independent retailers and generalist players, and consumers have

    Summertime blues

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  • The outdoor market is particularly affected by seasonality, with brands and retailers suffering sales dips during fair weather. While most of us live in hope of warm, dry days, some of our clients in this sector report that better than expected weather can hit their sales significantly. Outdoor businesses are adapting their strategies and deploying

    Community spirit

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  • Retailers in the outdoor sector have offered their customers product-focused, functional store environments complemented by email led marketing for some time now. While effective on some fronts, these tactics can often fail to engage and inspire customers.
    Whilst there are some examples of engaging brand experiences in the sector, such as Cotswold Outdoors’ recent team

    For many, the idea of ‘the outdoors’ conjures up images of long hikes and extreme challenges, but the idea of outdoor activities can be quite different for younger generations.
    They often combine the traditional notion of outdoor with fashion, sport and entertainment and consider camping at festivals as much an outdoor activity as an older

    Strong margins and high trading densities make the accessories category a priority for leading fashion brands and retailers.
    For the shopper, products are exciting to browse – an easy, feel-good purchase, with ‘one size fits all’ options, the promise of instantly pepping up an outfit and completing a look. Accessory shopping is ideal for impulsive

    Within just a few days of going live, Pokémon Go became the most popular iPhone app and overtook Twitter in terms of active users in the US. And it wasn’t just consumers who responded positively to the app: Nintendo’s shares had soared 86% by last Friday, adding over £15bn to the company’s market value.

    Pragma is taking three teams to the Prudential RideLondon Peloton 100 Mile Relay in aid of two great charities: The Back Up Trust and Children with Cancer. We would be delighted if you could support us by making a contribution of any size.
    We’re counting down the days to 31st July, by which point we’re

    Distance learning

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  • Millennials, those born between 1980 and 2000, are an exciting market, and as they enter their prime spending years, more and more brands want to attract them.
    Understanding them, though, can be a challenge.
    We have found that traditional research methods aren’t always the most effective ways of engaging with these tech nimble and social

    Rosie Hartman of Pragma is interviewed by the Sunday Business Post on the rise of Primark
    The rise of Primark