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Gearing up

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  • While the overall UK fitness market continues to grow, the most exciting innovations have come from premium fitness classes.
    This segment of the market has recently been attracting investors’ cash. Indoor cycling concept Psycle recently received £3m of funding, following on from a £6m investment in fitness brand Frame from Piper Private Equity and a £6.6m fundraise by spinning

    Theatre of dreams

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  • Technology, more than ever before, is shaping fan experiences both in and outside stadia. Going to a sporting event today is not just about watching the game; fans want a combination of interactive and social experiences.
    Through in-stadium Wi-Fi, apps and other digital innovations, the fan experience is becoming both smoother and more engaging. Christopher Lee, a stadium

    Athleisure may have driven the UK sportswear market to reach the heady heights of £2.5 billion in 2017, but as well as some obvious winners, there are also some notable losers, with more change to come.
    Established names such as Nike and Under Armour once ruled the roost with mid-market athleisure lines that reconciled functional

    Keyboard warriors

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  • eSports, or competitive video gaming, may conjure up images of pallid teenagers hitting their keyboards until the early hours of the morning, but it is an industry projected to be worth over £1bn by 2020, and one which investment firms are starting to look at closely.
    eSports is where professional gamers compete against one another

    Muchos Kudos

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  • Wearable tech has skyrocketed in the last two years, but we are now witnessing a new explosion of activity in this space.
    The worldwide wearable tech market has yet again performed beyond expectation, boasting 10.3% YOY growth in Q2 2017. The Fitbit has become a staple accessory adorning the wrists of millions of fitness-conscious users,

    Outdoor brands are increasingly blurring the lines between performance and fashion.
    North Face and Canada Goose, for example, have progressed from products purely created for outdoor use to global lifestyle brands that are worn for every occasion. This reached new heights earlier in the year as Prada, Balenciaga and Givenchy sent models down the runway

    The UK outdoor market comprises a diverse array of brands, all competing for prominence. While a handful operate their own mono-brand stores e.g. Trespass, Rohan and Tog24, others opt for flagship sites or none at all. The dominant channels in this sector are multi-branded specialists and generalist chains and independents.
    This presents the age-old conundrum that multi-branded distribution

    China is a key strategic opportunity for outdoor brands looking to secure future growth.
    Chinese consumers are increasingly engaging with outdoor activities, making it a very exciting and developing market. Whilst the outdoor sector may be buoyant in the UK, there are a range of completely different factors driving the high growth rates in China:

    Take me out

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  • Zipline London recently opened the world’s fastest city zipline on London’s Southbank, illustrating the growing thirst for new experiences that is driving the UK leisure market.
    We consider the space an attractive opportunity for two reasons: first, growing consumer spend in this sector; and second, an increase in the supply of innovative concepts
    Spending time

    Sports bar

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  • The global sport nutrition market is growing fast and offering significant opportunities for innovative new brands.
    The market is estimated to be worth $28.7 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.1% between 2017 to 2022 to reach a massive $45.27 billion by 2022.
    Sports nutrition was once the sole domain of