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Kristin Graham of Pragma is interviewed by Retail Week in their new Channel Advisor white paper  on understanding online marketplaces in the US and how to establish a presence in the world’s largest economy.
“There is a false assumption that US shoppers are like their UK counterparts in their attitude to shopping, says Kristin Graham, senior

This morning Pragma hosted a breakfast event on the key themes and trends in brands’ international expansion strategies, followed by a panel discussion with CEOs and International Directors of major retailers. The event was extremely well attended with exxecutives from many leading retailers and investors.
Key focus areas for the session included:

The best

It’s easy for a British company to assume the US is an obvious market to expand into because of our commonalities. But as an American living in the UK, I can attest to the fact that major differences exist. The first time I went grocery shopping in Tesco, for example, I stood waiting for the

On balance, UK consumers are more confident about the longer-term future health of the UK economy than prior to the Brexit result.
Our latest market survey shows that whilst the nation’s attitude towards disposable income and the ability to save has become slightly more negative in September compared to May, net positivity towards the economy

A decade ago, the most exciting item of stationery you could buy was probably a highlighter pen. But today stationery is a dynamic retail sector with new entrants shifting products from the functional to fashionable, emphasising style rather than price.
Whether it’s Smiggle confirming its plans to open one store a week for the next

With the London food and beverage market notoriously crowded and regional expansion already well underway for many chains, operators are increasingly looking further afield for their next phase of growth. With Pret A Manger’s international success story rolling on, Itsu raising £40m for its international plans, Wagamama signing the lease on its second New York

The media has not been kind to China recently, portraying an economic downturn spurred by a plunge in the Shanghai Stock Exchange and slower than usual GDP growth.
However, wealth in China remains abundant, and Chinese investors are increasingly looking to invest abroad, aiming to globally diversify portfolios to include safer, steady growth investments.