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Born again

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  • With the cost of raising a child in the UK now estimated to be over £225k, parents are increasingly looking at ways of saving money, presenting opportunities for innovative retailers to boost revenue through reconditioning and subscriptions.
    Retailers such as eBay and second-hand specialists such as Preloved and Buggy Revival have successfully capitalised on the

    The toy market is undergoing fundamental change, and it is not just technology that is driving this.
    The demand for greater gender equality is challenging how toys are categorised, designed and marketed and providing opportunities for new toy companies to create brands for ` Empowered Playtime’: a desire for more positive role models for children.

    Described as `unnerving’ by some but as `cute’ by others, the `mini me’ trend, where mothers and daughters dress alike, has provided fashion retailers with an opportunity to grab a bigger share of the growing childrenswear market.
    For those with longer memories, the idea of ‘mini-me’ may conjure images of Laura Ashley’s matching mother and