Excalibur City

Five point plan provides strategic direction for mall

About the brand

Excalibur City is a small shopping town on Czech territory at the border crossing Hate Chvalovice in Czech Republic / Kleinhaugsdorf in Austria.

The Excalibur City covers an area of more than 200,000 m2. A Shopping Center, 15 Restaurants, Factory Outlet Center, four casinos, gas stations, Asia Bazar and the Dr. Doolittle Pet Center are located here. More than 2,000 workers are employed.


About Excalibur City
Challenges for Excalibur City

The Challenge/Task

Detailed review of customer segmentation and the trading performance of Excalibur City – a mall on the Austrian-Czech border.

What We Did

Undertook an extensive programme of quantitative and qualitative research.

Analysis on the relative economic importance of the two populations who border the centre.

Excalibur City Results

The Result

We produced a measurable five point development plan to provide strategic direction for the proposition as well as identifying which sectors of the catchment to target.

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