Pragma’s 2015 study of the beauty sector highlighted the increasing prevalence of male grooming and our most recent consumer tracker reaffirms this trend (click on the graphic above to reveal the findings).

Men continue to engage and invest in products and services. Shaving is the highest grooming priority, and the average UK male spent £18 on shaving products over the past three months. Nearly a third (29%) use an in-home grooming device, and 21% have engaged with the online channel to use a website/app to book a treatment over the last three months. Men remain more functional in their buying behaviour than their female counterparts, with price playing an important role in their decision process and supermarkets the main channel for purchase.

Our previous study revealed that the power of advertising is twice as strong for men as it is for women. Yet it’s not just above the line marketing activity driving men to purchase; the impact of reviews for grooming products and clearly signposted health benefits of skincare ingredients are also influential.