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When it comes to emerging markets, the BRIC countries tend to hog the headlines, but Vietnam is a market worth considering, particularly for retailers.
There are a number of positive macroeconomic factors which make it an enticing market, both from a retailer’s and investor’s point of view. Vietnam’s GDP per capita growth rate has been

US Department Store Overview from Nick Zinzan

We’ve encountered many US consumer trends taking root in Europe: Athleisure, craft beer and subscription apparel to name but a few. But it’s European brands that have led the way in changing the global fashion watch market.
The dynamics of the European watch market have progressed considerably over the past decade, driven largely by developments

From Starbucks’ Teavana to Macys to Gymboree, the number of high profile US retailers announcing significant store closures and seeking bankruptcy protection is growing at record rates.
There is no shortage of finger pointing at ecommerce. But there’s far more to the story.
Two decades ago in the US, retail emerged as one of the

To wrap-up our month looking at the travel market, we’d like to share our latest research into this sector.
We believe that the Baby Boomers segment provides an opportunity for operators in this market, particularly due to their growing numbers and the fact they have more time and money to spend in comparison to their Millennial

Nothing compares

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  • Online Travel Agents have enjoyed a boom in business in recent years but in the `race to the bottom’ for price advantage they now need to adapt their product offering to maintain a competitive edge.
    They are facing strong competition on several fronts: meta-search sites, such as Kayak, can offer consumers better search experiences and

    Take me out

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  • Zipline London recently opened the world’s fastest city zipline on London’s Southbank, illustrating the growing thirst for new experiences that is driving the UK leisure market.
    We consider the space an attractive opportunity for two reasons: first, growing consumer spend in this sector; and second, an increase in the supply of innovative concepts
    Spending time

    Beyond compare

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  • While much has been made about the recent growth of staycation holidays and the market opportunities it provides, deeper analysis shows that only certain destinations are enjoying bumper growth.
    The value of the UK tourism market is expected to grow to £22.9bn for 2016, representing a steady 4% CAGR since 2010.  This has led to

    Raising the bar

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  • F&B is now considered a main attraction and an experience in its own right at airports, just as it is elsewhere. Airports are responding to the demand for more choice and innovation by dedicating more space to F&B, with some airport CEOs stating that “eating is the new shopping”.
    It is worth noting that more

    Vacation innovation

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  • In the face of pressure from DIY holiday planners and online travel agents, it would be easy to accept the view that the physical travel agent is fast becoming an obsolete concept.
    Digital, as both a research and booking medium, has gained ground and there is no doubt that it is a focus for investment