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Consumers are increasingly shifting their expenditure from shopping to socialising, posing a big challenge for landlords and retailers.
Most retail destinations, such as shopping centres, were not built with a mixed-use purpose in mind. While many have added cafés and restaurants to their mix in recent years, investment is required to adapt these spaces for

Kristin Graham of Pragma is interviewed by Retail Week in their new Channel Advisor white paper  on understanding online marketplaces in the US and how to establish a presence in the world’s largest economy.
“There is a false assumption that US shoppers are like their UK counterparts in their attitude to shopping, says Kristin Graham, senior

UK consumers who place a greater importance on healthier lifestyles are increasingly willing to spend more on niche sportswear brands.
UK sportswear sales grew on average 8.2% annually from 2012 to 2016, reaching nearly £7 billion last year*. Despite this, established market leaders such as Nike and Under Armour have recently announced sales that have fallen

Pure Gym’s results last week highlight the extent to which low-cost gym operators have disrupted the market over the past five years.
It reported revenue growth of 28% (to £159.9m) for the year and delivered EBITDA growth of 41% (to £39.5m), having added 38 new gyms in 2016. This follows similarly impressive gains by The

It’s that time of year when the Great British public take their bodies out of hibernation ready for the summer months and many look for ways to get in shape. We have seen an increasing trend towards healthy lifestyle makeovers, with fitness gurus taking up residence in our pockets and communicating with us through our

Liquid assets

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  • Is liquid nitrogen ice cream the next big thing or just another food fad?
    Made famous by Heston Blumenthal’s molecular gastronomy, global awareness of the high-tech concept is building and new concepts are starting to roll out. In the USA, SubZero has scaled their offering with over 50 branches. Other operators have set up in

    Food for thought

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  • Major art galleries and museums are offering increasingly innovative dining options, benefiting both the destination and the consumer.
    It seems that food-for-fuel no longer cuts the mustard for those enjoying a cultural outing. What used to be the domain of essential subsistence, standard catering and secondary spend, is now about creating compelling collaborations, driving footfall

    Come dine with me

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  • Dining at airports is now an essential part of the airport experience and no longer just for the reluctant, hungry traveller.
    Improved choice, quality and service in airport dining has been a small but significant part of the overall growth in the UK F&B market that has seen a CAGR of 2.1% since 2010, making

    A moveable feast

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  • In a corner of Elephant and Castle you can now find a slice of Italy: Mercato Metropolitano, a devotedly Italian street food market which is building on the success of similar markets in Turin and Milan.
    Food markets have added theatre to the dining scene, combining an enticing variety of cuisines with craft beer tents

    Meal ticket

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  • 2016 saw change in the dining habits of those living and working in our capital. The launch of UberEATS and Amazon restaurants, alongside continued expansion of Deliveroo and EatFirst, means hungry consumers increasingly have access to whatever they want, whenever they want it. We continue to watch with interest this year, as a new dynamic enters the