Pragma is a strategic partner for operators and investors in consumer markets.  We are evidence-based and experience-led, enhancing growth and profitability through applied commercial insight and action.

How we help your business

Increase sales
and profits »

We use insight to provide rapidly improved business models and profitability

Better understand your customers »

Our core capability is understanding how customers behave and what motivates them to buy

development »

We help businesses develop commercial strategies for their brands, channels and operations

Evaluate a business
or market »

We provide investors and operators with commercial, operational and vendor due diligence


Retail Strategy & Operations »

We provide retail and consumer businesses with shopper, multi-channel, operational, and store estate strategies, as well as international roll out support

Investor Services »

We work with a variety of different clients including banks, accountants and private equity firms, to provide an informed opinion on the potential of a business

Airports & Travel »

Our specialist Airports & Travel division is world leading and has completed commercial strategy and passenger insight projects in over 50 airports worldwide

Commercial Spaces »

We help property owners and investors optimise the commercial offer to suit their customers’ requirements and enhance commercial performance